Women at the time of menopause may be at high risk of breast cancer

At the period of menopause, women might suffer from urinary incontinence. This symptom is not the most common but the most embarrassing and difficult to control. Then women often start some theropies at the time of menopause.

According to scientist, menopause is not a disease that can be cured with an exact treatment. Health care practitioners, however, can offer different treatments for hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms that become annoying. Some women do use therapy, hormone therapies, some time or during their menopausal years.

As Dr Jane Green, Oxford University, in their recent study said that The details of the pattern of risk with hormone therapy are becoming clearer. The study also found that those Women who start hormone therapy at the time of menopause have a greater risk of breast cancer than those starting therapy later.

Professor Dame Valerie Beral and colleagues at the Cancer Epidemiology Unit, Oxford University, set out to investigate this question by updating their 2003 analysis of data from the Million Women Study.

The researchers estimated the adjusted relative risks of breast cancer in hormone therapy users and past users compared to non-users among the 1.13 million UK women in the study.


Cancer Epidemiology Unit

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