Tips to Reduce Pot Belly

The horrible pot belly is also called by other names like “beer belly,” beer gut” and “paunch. Beer belly can also increase the risks for debilitating diseases when the fat surround the organs. Although crunches effectively strengthen your stomach muscles, doing 1,000 a day will not do much for the fat that is covering them. The correct way to get rid of your pot belly is through dietary discipline and lifestyle adjustments.

Step 1
Give up nighttime snacking. During the evening, your metabolism naturally slows down. If you eat right before going to bed, the calories you consumed are likely going to be stored as fat and your pot belly will continue to grow. To change this problem, avoid eating late at night.

Step 2
Keep off the junk food. Avoid foods that are high in unhealthy fat, sodium, sugar and are low in fiber. Examples of these are cakes, cookies, doughnuts, fast food, deep fried foods, whole-fat dairy products and commercial baked goods. Eat clean sources of calories instead like lean meats, fruits, vegetables, fish, beans and whole grains.

Step 3
Consume water instead of high-calorie beverages. When you drink beverages that are high in sugar and calories, your brain will not receive a similar message that it does when you eat whole foods. The result is you can drink excess calories and not feel full, especially when you drink them with your meals. Avoid beverages like soda, processed fruit drinks, sweet teas, milk shakes, flavored lattes and alcohol. Drink eight to 10 cups of water a day instead. It has zero calories, it helps with hydration, it flushes toxins from your system and it can also keep you feeling full when you drink it with your meals.

Step 4
Have multiple meals a day starting with breakfast. If you eat a small meal every two to three hours, your metabolism will raise, you will have consistent energy levels and you will be less persuaded to overeat. Establish meals that are a balance of protein and carbs. An example would be a whole wheat pita with low-fat cheese, lettuce and tomato.

Step 5
Take in less calories a day. To lose weight in your stomach, sides, back, legs, arms or anywhere on your body, you need to create a caloric deficiency. To reduce one pound, your deficiency must be 3,500 calories. Cut your daily total back by 500 calories and you can lose a pound a week.

Step 6
Perform intervals to boost your caloric expenditure and lose your pot belly. Interval training is a type of cardio that involves alternating your intensity. According to the Mayo Clinic, interval training can improve your aerobic capacity and cause you to burn more calories than regular training. To do intervals, start with a five-minute warm-up at a light intensity. Then go about 80 percent maximum effort for 30 seconds. Come down to about 50 percent max for 60 seconds. Alternate back and forth for 30 to 45 minutes and finish with a five-minute light cool-down. Exercises you can utilize this to include running, indoor cycling, elliptical training, stair-stepping, rowing, and rope jumping.

Step 7
Give your metabolism another enhance. Building muscle can increase your metabolism even more, and it should focus on your whole body. Do exercises like bench presses, upright rows, back rows, triceps dips, biceps curls, step-ups and ab crunches. Perform 12 to 15 reps and do three to four sets of each exercise.

Step 8
Work out on a regular routine. In order to totally get rid of your pot belly, you need to be steady. Perform weight training three days a week on alternating days and perform aerobic on the other three alternating days. Perform 30 minutes of light activity on your off day.

These tips are very simple and you can carry out if you really make an attempt. Try to follow these step, you will be able to reduce pot belly quickly. Practice make perfect.

Source: Livestrong

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