Soybeans play the best role in premenstrual syndrome diet

Soy is so far promoted a perfect food for human health and for women suffering from premenstrual syndrome diet.

That is girl to women should know about the cycle and premenstrual syndrome (PMS), especially the second problem that starts to affect most women at the age of 30 up. As we know that the women cycle is regulated by a kind of hormone named estrogen. Estrogen is known as the main sex hormone in women and is essential to the menstrual cycle.

Entering to premenstrual period, as amount of estrogen reduce, women’s mood presents negatively such as anxiety, severe depression, anger, and so on.

Should you use estrogen supplement? What solutions you knew for estrogen supplements?

Estrogen supplements know as a hormone replacement therapy that may help balance the hormone level. Women at the beginning of menopausal period can take plant substances  and natural estrogen cream.

While estrogen can found in nutrition fact of many different foods, soy is considered to the richest source. There have already many estrogen supplements helping lower the negative symptoms of the early menopause (hot flashes, night sweating, etc.), women are now recommended to put a priority to rich estrogen foods (called phytoestrogen or plant estrogen). Because this natural approach is seen safer for women’s health.

Phytoestrogen is contained in foods such as cabbage, garlic, whole grain, sesame, etc. but there is not richer than found in soy beans.

Analyzing soy’s chemical and structural components, it contains a considerable amount of protein, essential fatty acids, as well as a class of compounds known as isoflavones also called phytoestrogens. For this reason, soy is now linked to an estrogen dominance and probably one of the healthiest foods you can eat.

Different choice of soy made products are soy milk, tofu, burgers, cheese. However, the best recipe ever is soak the soy beans to make soy bean sprouts. Studies have shown that in comparison to dried seeds, sprouted soy beans contain an amazing increase in nutrients, especially in phytoestrogens, which have a weak estrogen-like activity. That’s why they can help relieve many symptoms associated with menopause, so that can worth to be added to PMS diet.

If you know how good to balance your diet and exercise, not mention only premenstrual enter, right away you are making a right decision to health yourself.

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