One more risk factor links to breast cancer and colon cancer

The latest cancer study recently claims about the link between the physical inactivity, prolonged periods of sitting and the risk of┬ábreast cancer, colon cancer. What an unexpected news is! That means the more you’re sitting down, the higher you are at risk.

People are now working more with computer and internet which requires them to sitting still most of time. However, the more time you spend on sitting, the higher risk of breast cancer, colon cancer you are at.

Total of 49,000 cases of breast cancer and 43,000 of colon cancer in the United States are found concerning to the cause of sitting too long, said Christine Friedenreich, an epidemiologist at Alberta Health Services-Cancer Care in Canada.

At the same time, another estimates are related to the risk of other cancer types such as prostate cancer, lung cancer, endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer.

Recommendations are accordingly arisen. The more physical activity you do, the lower your risk of these cancers. Get involve in more activities and exercises as possible, timely jogging in your office, some mild yoga movements with your chairs, a brisk daily walk of at least 30 minutes.

Researchers said that “if you continuously sit for a hour, you would be inactive too long” Better, take a break as short as 1 minutes is able to keep your from stress first, and late, risk of the cancer mentioned above. Instead of keep working in front of computer during 8 hours per day, you should have some breaks, if possible, walk with your colleagues and chat to relax.

Such as those things will help you stress-free in one side, in another side, reduce risk of cancer as said for long term.

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