Memory Loss: 5 common causes

Memory loss may begin innocently by forgetting your house keys or being unable to remember someone’s name. Fortunately, memory loss is not inevitable and can be circumvented by taking preventive measures. The first step is in identifying the possible causes of memory loss. Some common causes of memory loss include old age, trauma, smoking, alcohol abuse and medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

1. Lack of activity

When you are not particularly an active person, then chances are you are going to be mentally weak too. This hence pose as a challenge for you as now you will find it harder to process information fast. As the matter of fact, if you keep on with this unhealthy habit, then chances are you are going to suffer from memory loss at a very young age. What you can do is to practice some mind exercises that involves some kind of brainstorming and thinking along the way. You can also make your memory work by trying out new things for example, learning a new instrument or learning a new language.

2.  Lack of thinking

Thinking is not a very hard process. Everyone can think, but it is just that some might lack the ability to think effectively. Just like when you carry weights consistently, you will find that your body gets toned up over time. The similar analogy applies to the brain. When the brain is able to do some work, it gets worked up and healthy. This is why students are encouraged to do lots of brainstorming session so as to make their brain work and hence strengthening the power of the memory.

3. Stress

It is more difficult to recall or learn something when you are feeling stressed, tired, anxious or angry – symptoms of overworking your mind. The human body is built to protect itself, and this could be a possible cause of memory loss as your mind is handling more than enough already. In order to deal with this, make an effort to give yourself a break. You will find that you are able to remember more easily when your mind is alert and well-rested. This allows you to pay greater attention and commit more to memory.

Healthy stress will provide you with a challenge, whilst unhealthy stress can make learning more difficult. Working under stress is a cause of memory loss as your mind has too many things to cope with, and may not be a symptom of dementia. For pregnant women experiencing stress, the child may face learning difficulties and shrink part of the mind that is related to memory.

4. Diet

Some people just ignore the importance of their diet and base their diet on chips, chips and more chips! An unhealthy and unbalanced diet will just make your mind and body suffer. A good diet will allow good circulation in the body hence, allowing the memory to register past and present information quickly. At the same time, do remember to include a good dosage of exercises to top up with all the dieting. Exercising will help to keep the memory fresh and at the same time rejuvenating the body. Also, do note of some of the healthy foods like blueberries, spinach and broccoli, that can help to save you and your memory.

5. Old age

Memory loss usually happens due to old age. The true scientific explanation regarding old age memory loss is not known but some have speculated that the brain cells decrease over time and hence effecting these older generations as they continue to age. Others said that our brain cells are not communicating very well and hence memory and other information cannot be stored effectively. Be it short term memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease, suffering from memory loss can be heartbreaking news for some.

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