List Of Iron Rich Veggies For Anemia

People who are suffering from Anemia caused by iron defficient should increase the iron intake. The iron source mainly comes from two ways: iron rich foods and iron supplements. While iron supplements have to strictly go along with doctor’s direction, iron can be naturally found in dietary foods that are very easy to add in your daily diet.

The current recommended daily allowance for iron is 18 milligrams (mg). The top ten vegetables with iron are morel mushrooms, lemon grass, potatoes, parsley, jute, horseradish leafy tips, winged bean leaves, chrysanthemum, spinach, and immature soybeans. Below is a list of other fruits and vegetables that are found to be high in iron.

Antichokes: 1.2 milligrams

Asparagus: 2.1 milligrams

Raw beets: 0.80 milligrams

Raw broccoli: 0.73 milligrams

Raw cabbage: 0.46 milligrams

Cooked Spinach: 3.5milligrams

Lentils sprouts: 3 milligrams

Swiss Chard: 2.3milligrams

Leeks: 1.1 milligrams

Dried appricots: 6 mg

Coconut: 3.3 mg



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