Is green tea able to reduce cholesterol?

Green tea is a traditional beverage of Asian countries, and currently becomes interest drink of many other Western people. As the benefits of drinking green tea is undeniable. For example, stress relief, some constituents of green tea can prevent cancer, and it is top for heart health, etc.

Green is always the best choice for a healthy beverage

Green is always the best choice for a healthy beverage

A rising opinion recently is concerning whether green tea can reduce cholesterol or not? In fact, tea has many beneficial effects on health, but the matter of lowering cholesterol is still remaining controversial opinions.

There are many different viewpoints. Some that support for tea drinking benefits said it help to prevent cholesterol absorption in bladder by gathering more polyphones. In contrast, others argue that tea brings more side effects than benefits.

Many studies have been conducted and different conclusions were shown. According to one of the scientific post in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, after observing and studying for a few months, they discovered that, there was a decrease of LDL (harmful cholesterol) by 2,2mmg/dl (1/10 liters) to those drinking tea. At the same time, the action from tea on HDL (good cholesterol) is just zero.

Drinking tea can be reduce amount of cholesterol

Drinking tea can reduce amount of cholesterol

In conclusion, for those who have habit of drinking tea that is a healthy method to refresh your body. However, EGCG compound in tea could prevent the action of some medical such as anti-freeze, cancer treatment… Therefore, for those who are being treated with these diseases, the suggestion is restriction of tea drinking.

And the final words, green tea can help reducing amount of LDL, but with a very little. That is why not to overload your body with too much tea-made beverages.

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