How to plan a consistent fitness routine?

One year ago, I was taught about marketing and business plan setting that is really a challenging subject. It requires me so much efforts from start till reach the final goals. And the most significant thing I’ve  been learnt is a SMART model which help me staying on track and staying motivated as I take steps to build my business. Then, I have already been successful in my business career but not in my health. The busier and greater I get in my works, the more stressful I feel. That is the reason I have to take a vital notice to my health and to plan a fitness routine. The matter, however, is how to create a consistent exercises routine as I know that Consistency is the key to making exercise a lifelong habit.

And  from my business experiences, I have found out a very interesting secret to make this come true. That is applying SMART business model to SMART exercise model. I think that if you take it into consideration, you will find your exercise routine simply to follow and keep it consistent.

Specific. Write down what you exercises aim to? While you might dream of getting in shape, setting a simple, clear, specific goal – such as being able to loosing 1kg for a month or to be awarded a black belt in karate – points you directly toward the actions to take to reach your goal.

Measurable goals include a way to track your progress. When goals are measurable, you know how far you are from achieving them and you know when you’ve reached them. For example, in Weight Watchers, members track their progress by writing what they eat, getting weighed weekly and winning rewards when they reach milestones.

Attainable goals are goals you believe you can accomplish, that are a realistic stretch. Most people find it difficult to maintain motivation for goals that are set too high – or too low. So, if you are stressful with your workloads, take it easy with some Yoga exercises at work or at home and no need to go to a  yoga center.

Relevant goals are goals that are relevant to you. They are goals that you believe in and that you are willing and able to work toward. When you choose goals that are in line with your values – and in service of a vision of your life that has you excited – you will be truly motivated. That may be your exercises aiming to overcome your headache, your back pain or keep fit, etc, working completion.

Time-bound means that your exercise goal is anchored with a time frame. That is, “I will specialize in belly dance by December 1.” Goals without time-lines tend to get lost in what’s immediate and urgent in your current life. Commitment to time-lines and deadlines helps you focus your efforts and make a priority of doing the actions that are important to realizing your goals.

I think that everyone know the drill about how great exercise is for you, but perhaps some struggle with making it a priority in their life. Hope those tips above a useful experience for you!

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