Celebrity Pregnancy and Post-baby Weight Loss

The hype surrounding celebrity mom stories of extreme weight loss and post-baby body comebacks are a dime a dozen. Real moms are more than ever disappointed with their post-baby bodies and celebrity mom’s are making it worse. They are all running for post-baby weight loss.

Fans can’t get enough of celebrity weight loss stories like Britney Spears losing weight after having babies to look good now. Five weeks after giving birth, Spears is sporting a noticeably slimmer physique – and she did it without a trainer, pills or nutritionist. Spears’ weight jumped from 120 to 160 during the pregnancy, but she she took off the pounds with diet and exercise.

Britney Spears’ exercise agenda includes 5 days a week of full gym work out. Her diet, meanwhile, totally cuts out sugar from her everyday fare. She does not miss some junk foods and fast foods but she does miss her coffee.

In another side, celebs like Victoria Beckham are setting a scary standard of speedy post-baby weight loss or Jessica Simpson‘s $3 million deal with Weight Watchers to regain a perfect body after childbirth. Because they are rich and can spend money, however, they can not image that drastic post-baby weight loss is unhealthy for the mother and for her baby—especially if she’s breast feeding.

Physical activities that keep muscle during weight loss schedule is encouraged for women after childbirth—however, adequate nutrition to sustain energy needed for the baby and for the mother is essential. Instead of restricting calories, consuming a balanced diet from all food groups (and adequate caloric intake) will not only keep the mother more satisfied, but it will help produce nutritionally sound breast milk—benefiting all parties involved; mother and child.

Have a good look like our celebrities after childbirth, the magic road that will lead you to weight loss after pregnancy is a sensible, balanced diet and xercising every single day, even if that exercise is just walking.

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