Breast cancer risk at women may increase even with mild alcoholic intake: study

The latest reports published on many websites shown the study results that link higher breast cancer risk and habit of alcoholic drinks at women, even this habit is only consume as few as three alcoholic beverages.

Only three drinks per week may increase breast cancer risk.

So, either absolutely believe in or doubt it, here we should make up our mind what is the most beneficial for our health and for women, to prevent them from breast cancer risk.

Researchers compare the risk of breast cancer between women who drank three to six glasses of wine per week (called then Group 1) and those who did not drink any alcoholic beverages (called then Group 2). The finding shows 15 percent of Group 1 is more likely to develop breast cancer than group 2. This is resulted from a 28-year studied data.

The study, meanwhile, keep comparing and estimate how different level this risk will be from low to moderate to high alcoholic consumption. The result actually will be not at the same percent and any woman’s decision will likely factor in her risk of disease, said Dr. Wendy Chen, of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

From this study, even the 15 percent may not too huge effect that make alcoholic addicted women give up completely their alcoholic drinking habit, it is suggested that they should limit limit intake to a few drinks a week. Accordingly, the risk of breast cancer and heart diseases will significantly reduce.

Further studies are expected to provide more information and findings for both men and women to make a right decision involving alcoholic consumption.

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