5 Tips to Raise Children for Comprehensive Development

To assist parents in raising children and help children develop comprehensively, the CentreForum think-tank, the UK, has provided a five-a-day checklist which winning ministerial support. The checklist suggests five daily tasks for parents and could be available on television and radio advertisements and posters in nurseries and on buses soon.

The five tasks consist of playing, reading, talking, praising, and feeding children.

1.       Read

Parents should spend 15-20 minutes everyday to read to their children. That can help the children’s brain exposure to as many different words as possible and therefore, build vocabulary. High numbers of young offenders have poor reading and writing skills, causing significant social and economic costs.

2.       Play

Parents should play with their children on the floor at their physical level for 10 minutes. Through babbling and gestures, infants can “reach out” for interaction.

3.       Talk

Turn off the television and talk with your child for 20 minutes. By this way, children’s verbal and literacy skills are improved and you are helping your child  prepare for school.

4.       Praise

Praise your child once they have positive attitudes. Appraisal can help reduce reduce children’s “toxic stress levels” and strengthen parent-child bonds.

5.        Diet

Breast-feeding babies is considered essential. In addition, the fruit and vegetable eating drive aid the child’s development.

The checklist is at present getting a lot of support from children’s minister Sarah Teather as well as English companies that make toys, children’s books and baby food. You can apply these tips in raising your child.


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