Common allergy-caused fruits with kids

Doctors say fruit and vegetables are replacing the peanut as a major cause of allergies in children. After some of diagnosed  cases, the reactions of fruit and vegetables allergiesare said to be around five times more common but normally much, much milder than those involving peanuts or other triggers. However, there should be more notices about some of the most commonly allergic-caused fruits to kids. They are:






If you are potential fruits allergic but you do not know, then what will happen when you bite an apple? Take an example, you take a bite of a crisp fall apple and notice your lips feel a little itchy. An odd sensation, but you ignore it and take another bite. Now your tongue is itchy too. After another bite, the itch spreads to your throat. As you swallow the apple, your throat starts to swell. These reactions usually occur within minutes of the exposure, but occasionally can take up to 1-2 hours. What’s up? Maybe you are apple allergic or is it oral allergy syndrome?Cherry

For fruits allergy, Mild reactions consist of hives around the mouth or where the food has touched the skin. More generalised hives on other parts of the body can occur. Another symptom is abdominal pain and vomiting which occurs soon after eating the food. A common set of symptoms associated with fruit and vegetable allergy is known as the oral allergy syndrome.

For oral allergy syndrome, symptoms are one’s experiences of itch, tingling, swelling of lips, palate, and tongue occur after exposure to the food.

Anyone can be a potential allergic subject. Any fruits can lead to allergic symptoms. So be careful with each of your bites.

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