Change 5 Bad Habits, Be More Beautiful

Young girls who all want to be the most beautiful and graceful in every one eyes always put beauty tips on top. Possessing a flawless skin may be dream of women. However, there are some skin care tips or habits that they do still not take an equal notice. By doing these harmful habits, they are accidentally damage their skin day by day.

After reading this article, if your daily habits meet the list, change them now. Maybe you can know one of them, however, for all of beauties, these tips have never been too old to take a notice.

Listed skin care bad habits and how you should change them?

1. Skipping makeup remove

At least one time go to bed with your makeup can highly damage your skin. So that, absolutely say no with sleeping with makeup if you want to have beautiful, healthy skin. Just imagine you are going to expose your skin to a real torture, sleeping with a day’s worth of makeup, grease and oil on your skin is a one-way ticket to clogged pores and as a result serious skin problems.

How should your change? Let your skin take easy breath! Cleaning thoroughly your face and applying moisture cream before going to bed.

2. Being too mean

Why? As when you have trend of using expired cosmetics. Mascara is a common example that girls often forget that it always has a very limited lifetime. The same goes to beauty aids and other makeup products.

How should you change?  Carefully follow the use-by date instructions given to one or another makeup product and never use cosmetics more than 12 months after opening it. Usually, see on the packaging about the expired date.

3. Applying too thick makeup

Understandingly, after the first makeup fading, we often reapply makeup  over the old base during the day. This is worst thing for your skin ever. Reapplying of foundation or blush over your morning makeup will clog your pores and as a result cause irritation, pimples and acne.

How should you change? It is better to invest in matte cosmetic tissues that would cleanse your skin and matt at the same time.

4. Abusing exfoliation

Although exfoliation is a key point in your daily beauty routine, highly frequent exfoliation will result in easily damaged skin. Overexfoliation can result in intensifying oil production that leading to breakouts and acne

How should you change? Remember, everything is good in moderation, thus exfoliating once a week is bette. Only gentle scrubs and exfoliators can be used every day.

5. Using dirty makeup brushes

Again, it is showing that you are likly too mean or too lazy.  Using dirty makeup brushes can run into various skin problems. Because makeup brushes accumulate cosmetics particles as well as dead skin cells creating a perfect environment for bacterias.

How should you change? Makeup brushes require proper care and cleansing. Once a week or every two weeks wash your brushes in warm water with baby shampoo and tea tree oil. After a certain times using, you should replace a new one for the best.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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