Boys To Know And To Treat Testicular Torsion

What to know testicular torsion?

Testicular torsion, different names are Torsion of the testis; Testicular ischemia; Testicular twisting.

This is a symptom of severe pain in one testicle, or swelling within one side of the scrotum (scrotal swelling). Besides, boys with testicular torsion can suffer from other symptoms such as nausea or vomiting, light headache.

Testicular torsion is more common during infancy (first year of life) and at the beginning of adolescence (puberty) due to strenuous exercises at boys.

The physical exams suggested by doctors can check up the condition of the problems. This usually shows extreme tenderness and swelling in the testicle area. It is more common on the right side. The testicle on the affected side is higher. Doppler ultrasound of the testicle can show blood flow. Blood flow will be absent if you have torsion. Most emergency rooms will have this test readily available.

How to treat testicular torsion?

Early diagnosis and definitive management are the keys to avoid testicular loss for all prepubertal and young adult males. However, once the diagnosis of testicular torsion is confirmed, the rapid restoration of blood flow to the testis is critical.

Manual detorsion can provide quick and noninvasive treatment. Yet the recommended treatment for testicular torsion is surgery. Doctors will implement surgical reliever to untwist the testicle as time the symptoms are diagnosed. 

Boys or man should be awareness of the danger of suffering from testicular torsion and have a good self-care right at home. If testicular torsion occurs, it is essential for boys to take a timely treatment at the closest medical facility or emergency room as soon as possible.

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