Weight loss diet still involve snacks: can you?

The answer is “yes, you can enjoy your favorite snacks yet still balance your weight loss diet” or we can know as healthy snack for weight loss.As there are many kind of snacks available in the supermarket safe for your weight. They may not be as perfect as other normal snacks which are a bit higher in sugar, saturated fat, or sodium. But most have:

  • Enough calories to be satisfying, but not so many that the snack becomes a meal.
  • Less fat and saturated fat than other similar snacks.
  • Whole grain and fiber, protein, and/or other nutrients that give them staying power.

However, you still have many choices, right? Read the indications and nutrition fact on the package and make up your mind.

#1: Sweet but fat free

These kinds of snack can be a higher-fiber pastry, creamy pudding, and three higher-fiber cookies. The values often shows in terms of calories, fat, saturated fat, protein, fiber, sugar (from the natural sugar in milk). Often, less are better!

#2. Frozen Fudge Bars, Chocolate Truffle Bars which have a few grams each of protein and fiber in every package.

#3. Reduced Fat Crackers

These crunchy snack with low fat criteria will make a good choice in small meals.

#4. Nuts Snacks

They are not only safe for your weight but also healthy for you. Among nuts, here you can choose the following types with:

Peanuts is high in omega 3 and omega 9, can lower cholesterol and can prevent heart disease.

Hazelnuts, a healthy snacks for weight loss. The content of vitamin E and antioxidants it can make your skin stay soft and prevented from free radical attack.

Macadamia nuts. Nuts that are quite famous in Australia, macadamia has the benefits of clean channels the heart arteries, and can lower cholesterol levels.

Cashews. This nuts are rich in zinc, which can prevent colds and flu.

#5. Salad

You may wonder why is this choice listed here. Because, in general, snack so far is said to be fast food so that why can not salad be put here, can it? Fruits are very good as a natural antioxidant, one way to get healthy snacks for weight loss. Open your refrigerator, and take some fruit that is then cut into small pieces and place in a bowl, make a yummy salad!

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