Tips to Avoid Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Becoming pregnancy is one of the happiest moments a woman will experience. It is a new stage in her life that involves change and adjustment. At times these changes can take a toll on her body both physically and mentally. In the beginning stages of pregnancy is when many women experience morning sickness. Between 70-85% of women experience nausea and vomiting within the first trimester of pregnancy. This is also one of the most common signs of pregnant women and it is really a big problem with pregnancy. How to avoid morning sickness?

Avoid Morning Sickness During Pregnancy
Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

While it may be difficult to even fathom the thought of eating, always keep something in your stomach. This can be dry toast, saltines, ginger cookies or even a little protein. Try to eat small, frequent meals. Realize that this, too, will pass and give way to a new stage of eating in pregnancy. Keep crackers by your bed to keep something in your stomach late at night so you will not awake to nausea in the morning.

It recommends expectant mothers to be, to avoid cooking during the first trimester of pregnancy. The reason for this is because anything that has a strong odor of any kind can also trigger nausea and vomiting. If you must work or cook food, avoid odors that can trigger feelings of nausea. Realize that your sense of smell may be enhanced during pregnancy and you might pick up on scents that were not bothersome in the past.

Ginger or lemon may work wonders when it comes to warding off morning sickness. Drinking ginger ale or chewing on ginger candy or crystallized ginger can help ward off nausea. Sniffing a lemon or sucking on lemon drops can also help keep nausea at bay.

Try not to wear clothes that are too fitted. This can lead to heart burn, indigestion and an upset stomach. If these symptoms are bad enough the acids in the stomach can build up and cause a stomach ache. If the heartburn is severe enough it can also induce nausea and vomiting.

Talk to your doctor about taking supplements for nausea. You may be able to take vitamin B6 or other supplements or herbs to help ease your morning sickness. Decide with your doctor which herb or vitamin and what dose you should be taking.

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