The risk of migraine in children: an overview

Do kids get migraines?

Do kids get migraines?

Some study shows us that 5% of people experienced at least one migraine before the age of 15. Those children who suffer from migraine got it before they are five, this rate is about a third. This investigation shows that the risk of migraine in children is seem to be much more prevalent health issue than people think.

Studies claim that 5%-10% of school-aged children in the United States are estimated to get migraine headaches (nausea, abdominal cramping, vomiting, etc.). This frequency gradually goes up through adolescence and peaks at about 44 years old. Lots of people experience spontaneous remission, meaning that the headaches go away on their own for no clear reason.

The migraine headaches start at the earlier age in boys than girls. From infancy to seven years old, boys may take a hit equally or a little more than girls. The prevalence of migraines increases throughout the adolescent and youthful adulthood, throughout which 20%-30% of young women and 10%-20% of young men suffer from migraines.

Most children who got migraine begin to experience headache attacks before 20 years of age. Approximately 20% obtain their first attack before their fifth birthday.

Investigation has reported that migraine might also be origin of many sinus headaches. As children ages, headache intensity and duration grow up, and migraines begin to occur at more regular intervals. Older children also describe a pulsating or throbbing characteristic to their headaches. Headaches often shift to the one-sided temple location that most adult migraineurs report. Childhood migraines often slow down  for a few years after puberty.

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