The benefits of green tea for dental health

Green tea has many different benefits for the health. Many health care experts regard it as a ‘miracle in a cup’ because it does several amazing things for the good health of those who have it. We often brush and floss our teeth regularly to keep the healthy teeth and make a fresh breath but do you know that drinking tea every day also can help you improve your dental health too?

green tea_dental healthA study in Preventive Medicine states that green tea could be contributing dental health to its health-promoting repertoire, which previously contains heart health aid and cancers prevention. Especially, the study also suggests that having just a cup of green tea each day may reduce the risk of tooth loss. Herb chemicals in green tea identified as catechins may fight bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease. These chemicals might help prevent tooth loss.

Several studies have researched the good effects of green tea on dental health, with a study, carried out by Rasheed et al and published in the Archives of Pharmacal Research in 1998 , considering the relationship between green tea and dental caries, a bacterial disease of the teeth and mouth that leads to cavities. It had been discovered that extract of green tea significantly limited the growth and subsequent effects of several relevant bacteria, proving its antibacterial features.

Based on the study from the Ohsaki Cohort 2006, we have some noticeable results:

  •  Those who drank 1 cup or more of green tea every day had a lower risk of tooth loss than persons that drank less.
  •  Study experts note that a regular green tea preparation includes a catechin quantity of 50 to 150 mg per 100 ml and reveals the degree of catechins comprised in 1 cup of green tea may be enough to help prevent tooth loss.
  •  Other life-style options may have affected the participants’ mouth health. It must be noted that no definitive conclusions about the effect of green tea on tooth loss can be used by this study alone.


Obviously, green tea really has many effects on improving dental health, not only preventing plague build-up, tooth decay and on other related diseases, but it can even prevent the risk of oral cancer. Studies continue to be carried out to confirm the benefits but we can’t be denied that drinking green tea daily can be extremely beneficial to our health, so ensure to have a cup of green tea each day and see the outcomes for yourself.

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