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Contact dermatitis : Treatment

Treatment Initial treatment includes thorough washing with lots of water to remove any trace of the irritant that may remain on the skin. You should avoid further exposure to known irritants or allergens. In some cases, the best treatment is … Read more

Contact dermatitis : Symptoms & Signs, Diagnosis & Tests

Symptoms & Signs Itching (pruritus) of the skin in exposed areas Skin redness or inflammation in the exposed area Tenderness of the skin in the exposed area Localized swelling of the skin Warmth of the exposed area (may occur) Skin … Read more

Contact dermatitis : Overview, Causes, & Risk Factors

Contact dermatitis : Overview, Causes, & Risk Factors

Alternate Names : Dermatitis – contact, Allergic dermatitis, Dermatitis – allergic Definition Contact dermatitis is an inflammation of the skin caused by direct contact with an irritating substance. See also: Poison ivy – oak – sumac Overview, Causes, & Risk … Read more