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Blount’s disease : Treatment

Treatment Braces are used to treat children who develop severe bowing before the age of 3. If braces do not work, or if the problem is not diagnosed until the child is older, surgery is usually required. Surgery may involve … Read more

Blount’s disease : Symptoms & Signs, Diagnosis & Tests

Symptoms & Signs One or both of the lower legs turn inward. This is called “bowing.” It may: Look the same on both legs Occur just below the knee Rapidly get worse Diagnosis & Tests The doctor will perform a … Read more

Blount’s disease : Overview, Causes, & Risk Factors

Blount's disease : Overview, Causes, & Risk Factors

Alternate Names : Tibia vara Definition Blount’s disease is a growth disorder of the shin bone (tibia) in which the lower leg turns inward, resembling a bowleg. Overview, Causes, & Risk Factors Blount’s disease occurs in young children and adolescents. … Read more