Stress headache symptoms

Experiencing occasional headaches that are just too hard to handle? These headaches might be due to stress related reasons and are called stress headaches or tension headaches.

Stress headaches can be categorized into two; episodic basis and chronic basis where episodic basis refers to headaches that occur less than 15 days per month whereas chronic basis is when the headaches occur for more than 15 times per month or even daily. There are many stress headache symptoms to look out to as they may eventually cause adverse side effects.

Examples of symptoms that may occur due to this kind of headaches include pain that begins at the back of the head and also the upper neck which can be described as band-like tightness or even pressure.

Besides that, the pressure mounts at the head and the most severe pain can be felt at the eyebrows. The headaches are usually insignificant and not disabling but it affects both sides of the individuals head. Regardless of that, daily tasks can still be performed.

Stress headaches are mainly due to certain factors such as physical and emotional stress. Physical stress comprises of prolonged labor or poor working ergonomics meanwhile emotional stress relates mostly towards the individuals emotional state. Besides that abuse of substances such as cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine may also lead to headaches related to pressure and stress.

Stress headaches symptoms if discovered and treated at an early stage may reduce the risk of even serious health hazards. Prescriptions such as ibuprofen and aspirin are some of the example of medication available but the most effective method would be by attending stress management classes.


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