Some Benefits of Sea Food You Need to Know

Using sea food in your daily life is a great idea because sea food is full of vitamins and mineral a well as really good for your health. This article will mention some benefits of sea food that make sure to surprise you.

We know that seafood contains essential oils that are an important part of your diet. Oils provide the source of energy we need and they are also great flavor enhancers. More importantly, they are a source of significant fatty acids. There are a mount of omega-3 oils in sea food that help to decrease the risk of heart diseases ( and Improve Heart Functions), high blood pressure, benefiting especially those suffering from hypertension and rheumatoid arthritis. They are also beneficial to infants’ brain and eye development.

Moreover, the oils in seafood can also prevent osteoporosis. This is because the oils improve calcium absorption in our bones and can prevent the bones from becoming brittle. Oils derived from seafood are proved by many scientists to prevent some of the most deadly diseases today, including Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, arteriosclerosis, bipolar disorder, bronchitis, cancer, and more.

Additionally, eating sea food can help you to reduce weight. Most seafood are known to have low fat contents, mostly at an average of 2%. Seafood are known to have less kilojoules, fewer than meat and chicken. Unlike diet pills, seafood is natural and has beneficial properties to people.

Sea food will help you to have a great sexual health,

Many survey shows that seafood such as tuna and salmon are high in protein. It has been studied that seafood are best alternative sources of protein than meat and poultry products. It really contains lots of vitamins and minerals. Seafood like crab, shrimp, shellfish and other types of fishes are composed of many essential vitamins and minerals that our body needs. This includes iodine, zinc, potassium, phosphorus and all vitamin B group.

Sea food is known widely in preventing some following diseases:

Provide Protection Against Emphysema (associated with smoking)

Help People in Depression

Boost Immune System

Very good for the lungs

Help your skin healthy and brightly.

Help to have great sexual health

Very good for anemia etc…

Choosing sea food in your meal is a smart choice, however, there are some tips involved in choosing and cooking sea food you need to know:

The most important thing that sea food have to be fresh. For example if you are looking for the freshest fish, you want to head to your local seafood market. It’s perfectly fine to ask how fresh something is before you buy it. Remember, the less fishy it smells, the fresher it is. At the market you will have tons of options to choose from. This is similar to crab, tuna, salmon etc… You only can have a good health as you want if you eat fresh sea food. If not you can use frozen sea food.

To take advantages of all proteins as well vitamins and minerals in sea food, the best way is you will cook sea food with the simplest way and do not abuse spices. Using too much spices will make the sea food lose it natural taste.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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