Sleep Apnea, Insomnia Warned To Increase

Sleep disorder such as  sleep apnea and insomnia are becoming common among cops and truckers, reported study. 

A survey from the United States and Canada found 40 percent of police officers had symptoms of sleep disorder.

Dr. Michael Grandner, from the Center for Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia said that it showed generally for a weak.

In the new study, close to 5,000 police officers in  Philadelphia and Massachusetts state were surveyed on sleep problems and other health topics. The officers were on average 38 to 39 years old and most had been in the police force for more than decade.

The results of those disorder are they became committing more administrative errors and safety violations, being uncontrollably angry on the job, having frequent absences, falling asleep during meetings, and so on.

With the increase of depression, burnout or anxiety caused by those sleep problems, there should be on-the-job screening in police departments to make sure that cops with sleep disorder or health issues get help.

Majority of opinions have agreed with the change in shift work  and schedule, decrease of overtime hours could help. For sleep disorder problems, we can treated with a breathing machine and mask used at night, and behavioral therapy is often the first line of treatment for people with insomnia, said Dr. Grandner.

An other study that is seldom reported is sleep apnea can be a hidden cause of wrecks. Fatigued truckers who is drive for a very long hour without a rest. This is the main cause increase the fatal accidents on the roads.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has tried to reduce driver fatigue by limiting hours of service to 11 hours each day, with a proposed decrease to 10 hours each day to allow for rest.

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