Pregnant And Not Sure What To Do?

This is a film that I had to do for one of my classes. It was a project that was supposed to be us putting a movie together based on a topic of choice,but of course with me it turned into something far more amazing to me because I put in way more than was expected. I guess in the end I came up with something like two videos in one. The first being about abortion and the truths associated with it,and then the second being more so about me and my personal life. You will see. It started at close to nineteen minutes and i really had to make some last minute cut downs so it is now around eight minutes,but sorry it had to be sped up so you may have trouble reading or keeping up,and a couple of the captions now run into eachother and are kind of mis placed LoL sorry! It’s my first movie though people! Not “first” per say,but first as far as editing and all that. YES,that IS really my and family and i at the end of the movie. Please enjoy.

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