Pregnancy Week 8

Fetal development in pregnancy week 8:

You’ve got one whole inch of baby inside of you! Your little embryo has finally reached the one-inch mark (30mm). And if it were possible to take a peek, you could actually see your tiny baby without a telescope! What’s more, your baby is finally starting to take on some very distinct human features. For starters, their little tail (really just the spinal cord) has disappeared completely. It’s nice to know your baby can no longer be mistaken for a sea creature! Additionally, both their toes and fingers are prominent with very little, if any, webbing. Upper and lower limbs all show recognizable joints (elbows and knees) and the lower limb bones are starting to ossify. But don’t expect your baby to resemble either parent quite yet. Right now, your baby’s head is disproportionately larger than the rest of their body–making up almost half of your little one’s height and weight!

Maternal Changes

During pregnancy at 8 weeks it is very likely that you have started to notice some breast changes. Aside from some tenderness you may notice that your breasts appear slightly enlarged. Most women will experience some breast growth during pregnancy week by week, particularly near the end of pregnancy when the breasts prepare to make breast milk for the baby. You may even start thinking of looking into nursing covers. These come in a variety of styles and colors to fit your fashion taste.

Your waistline may continue to seem thick to you, though onlookers will not be able to tell you are pregnant. You are probably consumed with fatigue, and still battling some nausea. Remember that the symptoms associated with early pregnancy pass with time, and most women go on to find their pregnancies rewarding and enjoyable.

If you are having a particularly rough time with sore breasts, consider purchasing a supportive maternity bra . You should consider buying one a size or two bigger than your normal size, as you will need room to grow during pregnancy. A maternity bra may in fact be one of your very first purchases, even before you buy any maternity or baby clothes!

Some women notice some mild abdominal cramping midway through their first trimester. This is a very common experience and may continue for several weeks. The cramping is usually mild and does not cause any harm. Your physician may recommend you rest and stay off your feet if you are having abdominal cramping. Remember that your body is also accommodating a growing baby, and your uterus is stretching, a process that might cause some discomfort over time. However, if you have any unusual abdominal pain or cramping that is persistent and worrisome, or if you experience any cramping accompanied by bleeding, be sure to contact your healthcare provider’s office right away.

You may be having a lower backache by now. This is common and is a result of the pressure the uterus is applying to the low part of the spine. You may be experiencing a sharp pain in your buttocks and along the side of your thigh as well. This is due to the uterus placing pressure on the sciatic nerve that innervates the buttocks and side of your leg. If these discomforts are troublesome, you may be asked to rest and have physical therapy.


Looking for a way to treat her? Why not fix dinner and offer her a nap in the afternoon? The fatigue of the first trimester is really hard on most women, particularly if they normally are very active. Getting extra rest helps. If a nap isn’t possible perhaps you could tuck other children in bed or close the house up for the night while she runs to bed a bit earlier. Or the opposite, you can get everyone up or fix breakfast, allowing her to sleep in for a few minutes. These will be much appreciated.

Maternity Clothes

You can be pregnant AND look great during the summer, even when wearing swimwear! In the times of old, maternity swimwear was often bulky and almost tent like. Don’t want to look like a tent during your pregnancy? Fear not!

Today’s Swimwear at Destination Maternity is stretchy, elegant, sexy, fun and even sporty. Whether you want a one piece to cover your belly or a daring two-piece that shows off your baby to be, you are bound to find what you are looking for and more when shopping for swimwear during your pregnancy! Most swimwear is designed with ample room in the hips, bottom and chest, so moms-to-be don’t have to be self conscious about their expanding and bountiful bodies! If you are expecting, why not show off your new curves in a snazzy and well fitting piece of swimwear from one of several tremendous collections?

Pregnancy Health Tips

Many women worry about miscarriage during the early weeks of their pregnancy. Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to prevent miscarriage. Usually a miscarriage occurs in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. An embryo simply would not be able to survive outside the uterus unless it is born past 24 weeks or more.

Miscarriage is actually somewhat common, occurring in about 15% of pregnancies. Most women will miscarry in the early weeks before they even realize that they are pregnant. Some common causes of miscarriage include chromosomal abnormalities, which indicate that the fetus wouldn’t be able to survive outside the womb anyway. External factors, including environmental ones, can also impact your fetus and influence your likelihood for carrying a pregnancy to term. Thus, you should do everything possible to avoid exposure to harmful toxins and environmental hazards.

Not all bleeding is a sign of miscarriage. In fact, bleeding early in pregnancy may simply be the result of strenuous physical activity or irritation of the cervix after sexual intercourse. Resting and abstaining from intercourse may be all that is needed to stop the bleeding. In some cases bloody discharge may indicate a threatened rather than a true miscarriage. Some signs to look for include bleeding followed by cramping. The more cramping you are having along with vaginal bleeding the more worrisome the possibility of a miscarriage. Your healthcare provider will perform an ultrasound to evaluate the well being of your baby if you have bleeding accompanied with cramping. If your baby’s heart is beating and no sign of bleeding behind the afterbirth is noted, your physician will likely try to reassure you that everything is going to be alright. Your healthcare provider may recommend bed rest until the bleeding stops.

Unfortunately the ultrasound can also reveal that there is no fetal heart beat, and when this happens it can be devastating. In some cases you may go on to have a spontaneous miscarriage that is complete, meaning you will pass the pregnancy with no intervention. However, in some circumstances it is necessary for your healthcare provider to perform a procedure referred to as a dilation and curettage or D&C because your body may not have expelled the fetus entirely (referred to as an incomplete miscarriage). A D&C is necessary in this case to preserve your fertility and health.

A miscarriage can be devastating. It is important that you know that most women will go on to have a normal pregnancy after a miscarriage. If you have a history of repeated miscarriages be sure you consult with your healthcare provider who can work with you to attempt to determine a cause. Remember that a miscarriage is not your fault. If you have shared your pregnancy with friends and loved ones, lean on them for support and encouragement. While it is hard not to worry about potential problems, keep in mind that most pregnancies go off without a hitch, and you have just as much chance for a lovely and safe pregnancy as the next person. A happy heart and a positive spirit are half the battle!

Twin Tips

Indigestion, heartburn and other gastrointestinal problems can start earlier when there is more than one baby. This caused by both the greater expanse in the uterus at this point as well as an increase in hormones from a single pregnancy.

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