Try Weight Loss But Keep Muscle, Suggested

Losing some pounds after a hard working weight loss period is not completely successful, you know. Once  you can maitain your body weight staying fit afterward, that may be said to reach the first goal.

It can be said that weight loss is a continuous racing road which the runner has to keep stick and make the best effort. When reaching the goal of cutting down 1 – 2 pound, that does not mean you will keep slim since then. In fact, even after dieting and losing weight, the body tends to try its best to regain the lost fat stores. Should be careful for issue of regain weight bad for the health.

To make the concern clear, researchers and physical experts recently suggest that if some one is tending to lose fat by stick to diet, try to keep muscle.

Dieting is a very effective means for losing weight but diet which drive the loser reduce the lean (muscle) weight (about 25 to 50 percent estimated) is both unhealthy and counterproductive. Muscle loss results in a reduced metabolic rate, which makes it difficult to avoid regaining the weight lost through a diet program.

What is suggestion for health weight loss?

The best fat-loss approach is a diet plan that essentially combines the best features of several diet protocols, eliminates the unfavorable aspects of these diet programs, and provides highly-effective guidelines for fat loss with concurrent muscle gain. It is guided to include unlimited fruits and vegetables; low fat, high fiber, and protein-rich foods; and an exercise program that features time-efficient strength training and aerobic activity.

That is a truly comprehensive program presented by Dr. Caroline Apovian, a professor of medicine at Boston University School of Medicine, a director of Nutrition and Weight Management at Boston Medical Center. She is at the same time a nutrition consultant for NASA, as well as co-director of the International Conference on Practical Approaches to the Treatment of Obesity hosted annually by Harvard Medical School.

Adapted from article by Wayne L. Westcott,

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