Orthostatic hypotension may signal heart failure, study

Take a notice of what happens when you stand up from sitting or lying down, if it makes you feel some times dizzy or lightheaded, and maybe even faint lasting a few seconds to a few minutes, you may face risk of Orthostatic hypotension. The mild condition can quickly pass away, however, long-lasting orthostatic hypotension can be a sign of more-serious problems, possibly heart failure, said researchers.

When it comes to risk factors causing heart failure, including multi factors such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and diabetes. For people with orthostatic hypotension, study found that patients with symptoms of orthostatic hypotension were 54 percent more likely to develop heart failure than their counterparts who did not develop low blood pressure upon standing. This risk was reduced to 34 percent when the researchers teased out those who also had high blood pressure.

Exactly how orthostatic hypotension could lead to heart failure is not fully understood. “We speculate that orthostatic hypotension and high blood pressure may contribute to the risk of heart failure through a similar pathway, such as through high blood pressure that happens primarily when a person is laying down,” said study author Dr. Christine DeLong Jones, a preventive medicine resident at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Heart failure may be predicted after suffering from orthostatic hypotension when you start to feel some chest pain, fatigue and weakness, rapid or irregular heart beat, and so on. Later it’s time to go to see your doctor.

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