Onion can cure tooth pain

Not only good for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, blood infections fat, onions also help you escape the abuse of that pain.

Agree to use onion to treat the disease for some good results. Pungent onion spicy, nutritious, have the effect of lowering blood pressure, relax blood vessels, tubers are suitable for use with high blood pressure, heart disease, blood steatosis.

Use onions peeled off the old outer shell, forcing water to treat wounds, inflammation, bordered by the intersection, against defense witness, headache treatment, reduce the seizures, relief of burns, drug topical anti-ulcer interstitial leg, as an antidote …
To treat toothache, pound for onions to high illumination sore, very effective.

Treat sore throats: Using onion juice mixed with vinegar to eat drink, for better results.

Dysentery with blood: Use fresh onion juice mixed with equal quantities of vinegar to eat and drink.

Rheumatism: Use onion juice mixed with canola oil and rub the sore.


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