How to Prevent Lung Cancer from Fine Soot Particles?

Sometimes a healthy diet and regular exercise are not enough to protect you from lung cancer as long-term exposure to fine particles of soot in the air increases the risk of lung cancer and other lung and heart diseases. Are there any ways to help you reduce this risk actively?

Fine soot articles can cause lung cancer

People, especially city-dwellers should be careful of fine particles of soot. Scientists found that  with each 10-microgram increase in fine particles of soot and sulfur dioxide-related pollution per cubic meter of air, the risks of heart and lung diseases increase, including an 8 percent increase in the risk of lung cancer. The risk of lung cancer of those daily exposed to fine soot particles is equivalent to living with someone who smokes cigarettes. The residents in the northeast industrial town of Benxi, China, where is ranked one of 20 cities with the worst air of the country have the highest rate of lung disease, including lung cancer in China.

So to lessen the risk of lung cancer as well as other lung diseases if you live in a big city, equip your home with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. You can install individual rooms with free-standing HEPA filter units or a heating and ventilation system.

In addition, taking daily antioxidant regimen includes vitamin C, E, mixed carotenes, and the mineral selenium can also lower your own risk.

Concentrated extracts of green tea, ginger and especially turmeric can help you prevent from common toxins. Especially, you can avoid potential carcinogens thank to turmeric. Furthermore, turmeric may enhance the activity of the body’s free-radical fighting compounds.

Using the natural smoke detoxification formula Smokeshield is also a good way to help your body remove toxins from inhaled pollutants.


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