How Can You Talk About Sex to Your Teen Child Easily?

If you are parent

of a teen this means that you should prepare some answers in case your children have some questions about sex. We know that parents are the most important sexuality educators of their children. Talking about sexuality with your children can be a challenge. So here are some tips can help you to talk  about sex to youngteens easily. Sometimes parents are fearful about saying too much too soon with their children about sex because they feel that they don’t know enough to be a reliable source of accurate information. But no parent needs to be an expert on sexuality to have meaningful conversations with their children, and every parent can share their values about sexuality, relationships and respect for others.

One of the most important rules when you talk about sex with your children is honest. You can begin the conversation like that: “Maybe both of us are embarrassed a bit to talk about these issues,but it’s important to do it so we’re going to.” You also need to choose a proper time to talk about this. Instead of starting with a serious statement like : it’s time to talk about you-know, you can talk about this when both of you are watching a love scene in a film or when passing a couple on a park bench, this will help your conversation become easily.

It is important to make sure your teen knows the basics: If you haven’t already explained to your teen where babies come from, now is the time, as they most likely have heard it from their peers. You may need to see what information they have and then, give them the truth. Young teens are notorious for misinformation on sex.

Discuss the consequences of sexual behavior is really important: You need to explain that sometimes the consequences of sexual behavior is really bad if your children are not old enough. On the contrast, it is great if the consequences of sexual behavior is pregnant when  your children are all grown up and married. You need to let your children to know that it is very hard if your child should get pregnant at a young age etc…You need to help your child consider the pros and cons of sexual choices.

Always is a good listener when your teen child talks about sex: Avoid lecturing and don’t interrupt once your child opens up. Restate in your own words what you hear and identify feelings. In case you have no answer for your child, be honest to say that i do not know the answer and we will look it up together.

Don’t be afraid to get down to specifics and talk about body image and other issues:  If your teen child asks about their bodies are starting to change, you should let them know that this is really normal. You can use some documents and pictures on the internet to explain your child understand as well you can share some of the concerns you had when you were their age.

Make the conversation ongoing—not a talk that happens once or twice. For more tips on talking to kids about sex and other sensitive issues, You also need to tell your preteen that your door is always open. Most importantly, encourage your preteen to talk to you often about any questions they may have about sex. Remember that you are their person of choice when it comes to valuable life information. Your preteen does realize that they are facing choices and they will come to you with questions. Let them know that you will be there for them.


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