Having a pet gives you a lot of benefits, Do you try?

It is no doubt that having a pet in your family is really wonderful. The pets you have got will be great friends and they are good for you no matter you are young or old. There are  a lot of reasons to have a pet that you cannot deny. If you are living a lone, having a pet is really a smart idea. He will be your honest friend and never betray you. viagra cheap He will be family members, , it is no matter what if  you have a dog or a cat, the important thing that they will fulfil your need for affection and attention like only animals can do. For example if you have a dog, he can gives you a lot of advantages They keep us company when we’re sick or feeling down. They can make us feel safe while we’re home alone and they keep an eye on the house while we’re out. Dogs especially help us get out and enjoy the outdoors while getting some regular exercise. They are great motivators and personal trainers, never wanting to miss a training session no matter the weather. Dogs can also help introduce us to people in the community, especially other dog owners, and they make great conversation starters.

According to many surveys the pet owners are generally healthier and happier than non-pet owners. The survey also shows that if you have a pet they will help you to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol; are less depressed; are at lower risk of heart disease; feel less lonely than non-pet owners; and actually find it easier to get to know people. Instead of staying at home and watching TV, you can walk with your beloved pet, this will help you to remove the stress effectively

To children, It is no doubt to confirm that animals also serve to help them learn day-to-day things. Thanks to animals, your belove kid will the circle of life in an accelerated way compared to human beings (birth, youth, adulthood, old age and dying). They also show children other things related to life such as having an accident, getting ill etc. It is easier to let your baby know about the real life through animal.

Moreover, animals help the children to develop their sense of responsibility, having got a pet will teach your baby how to take care of an animal, how to play with it etc…Some studies shows that children, aged ten to twelve who had animals had more empathy towards others and higher self-esteem. Pets also help children to reduce their anxiety, tediousness and fear and to develop a better capacity to integrate and to be more focused in school.

In addition, having a pet will help you your baby to prevent allergies. Children with a pet of some sort are less likely to develop hay fever or asthma as well as other animal-related allergies. Being around the animal will also build up the child’s immune system.

In conclusion, pets provide us with loyalty, companionship, love and affection, as well as the many physical and psychological benefits, and that is the reason why you should have got a pet.

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