Fruits to catch a glowing skin, how?

You want to possess a glowing skin without waste time for applying too much whitening products, that is great idea to make the 10 following vegetables and fruits frequent dishes at every your meal. Because the benefit is not only to supply vitamins for your health but also to improve your skin condition better.

  1. Carrot: Carrot is rich with pectin which can extract the toxics out of body and is useful for moisturizing very well to gain smoother skin.
  2. Radish: Vitamin C in radish is an antioxidant which may inhibit the synthesis of melanin, prevent oxidation of fats, prevent accumulation of lipofuscin. Therefore, eating radish frequently will make the skin smooth and natural white.
  3. Sweet potato: if you are worried about overweight, sweet potato is the best solution to catch bilateral benefits: preventing weight gaining and caring your skin as it contain lots of sticky protein and vitamin C that can reduce cholesterol and fat under the skin.

    Carrot, tomato, cucumber and some vegetables can be the best choice for natural beautiful skin

    Carrot, tomato, cucumber and some vegetables can be the best choice for natural beautiful skin

  4. Cucumber: So far, cucumber is known as one of the most popular traditional beauty method. Cucumber contains a lot of vitamins and amino acids, as well as countless other acid which can clean and whiten skin, remove the remnants of the gentle, improve skin sunburn, reduce skin allergy.
  5. Avocado: a dry skin needs smoothing and moisturizing, then avocado is an all natural and highly effective ingredient. It’s also an extremely rich source of vitamins and lecithin which is very helpful in restoring your skin back to health. You can eat them in many ways or spend some time to make an avocado facial mask.
  6. Tomato: Tomato juice is high in vital nutrients that are essential for skin. It contains lycopene, Vitamin A and C and proteins. Lycopene, which is essentially a carotenoid, counteracts the damaging effects of the free radicals (that are present in the body and skin) and protects the skin from a numbers of skin problems including skin cancer.
  7. Mushroom: Mushrooms are very nutritious, rich in protein and vitamins, low fat, no cholesterol. Eating more mushrooms helps the women processing estrogen, anti-aging, gaining beautiful skin.
  8. Sprouts: eating sprouts helps you getting rid of freckles, dark spots.

    Eating sprouts daily for a smooth skin

  9. Asparagus: asparagus is rich in selenium, it can be anti-aging and prevention of diseases related to oxidation of fat, also whiten and soften skin.
  10. Dutch peas: Dutch peas consist of vitamin A when being transformed into vitamin A of our body can keep moisture and remain smooth skin.


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