Do you sleep well each night?

All we know that sleep is really important, it can help us to remove the stress and refresh ourselves so that we can have enough energy for a new busy day. Having a good sleep is really useful and necessary but what can you do if you cannot have smooth sleep? Here are some tips for you to have a nice sleep.

Before going to the tips you really need to answer some following questions :

1. Do you think that 5 hours of sleep per night is enough for you?

2. The sleep you get does not involve with your weight, chronic pain as well overall health

3. Drinking a cup of coffee in the evening does not really affect sleep?

4. The effects of sleep deprivation are short-term (e.g., darkness under the eyes and dull and/or splotchy skin after a bad night’s sleep) and has no effect on long-term


5.  Having a computer as well a TV in your room is really good for your sleep?

6. It’s no problem to skimp on sleep during the work week as long as you make up the time over the weekends.

If your answer is true for 2 or more questions i am sure that you are having a bit of problem with your sleep and you need to regard this seriously to have the best health. Normally we will sleep from 7 to 9 hours a day and the amount of sleep is really good enough for your health. In this time, all the parts of your body are relax to recover after a hard working day. However, this is not applied properly for all people. There are some people who only sleep 5 hours a day but with a patient or the ill they will need to sleep more than 9 hours a day. This depends on the health of each person.

So, there are several simple adjustments you can make to have a better night’s sleep.
The most important thing you need to do is keep a regular sleep schedule: This means that you should make a regular bedtime, the time you will go to bed and the time you wake up every day, this will creat a habit for your body to sleep better.

Normally we often like waitching TV or surfing web before going to sleep and the main mistake that we get  we use all these devices in bed room. Remember that bed for  only sleep, so turn off your television and computer and limit to put them in your bedroom. Whenever you sleep you need to make sure the room is dark or is not too light, because the light will help you to have a good sleep.

Creating a friendly bedroom is really useful: Once you are going to sleep, you should keep noise down as well notice to keep your room cool. Having a comfortable bed is really important. Your pillow, your bed, your mattress really comfortable enough to sleep well, normally we can have a good sleep if your pillow is hard anfd your matress makes you uncomfortable.

Having a good sleep each night means that you need to limit daytime naps, Obviously that if you sleep in day too much it is difficult for you to sleep well at night. Beside this, you need to notice about what you will eat and drink before you go to sleep. Many experts advise that you need a super before sleeping, because if we eat a lot or if we are hungry we cannot sleep well. What about the drinks? You need to avoid to drink alcohol, coffee, as well drink a lot of water will not be good for your sleep. Smoking before sleeping is not advised by experts, because the nicotine in cigarette will encourage your mental ans of course you cannot sleep well.

Doing regular exercise is really necessary for a good sleep. You can listenin to relaxing music to help slow your mind and body down for an evening of peaceful sleep. Having a good sleep each night means that we can live healthy tomorrow.

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