Color Recognition And Child Development

For child, the perceptual foundation for color is in place as early as 4 months. Right at this period, babies can focus on and follow moving objects, including human faces, distinguish the pitch and volume of sound, discriminate sweet, sour, bitter, and salty tastes, and see all colors and distinguish hue and brightness.

Studies have shown that babies seem to recognize colors and can mentally group shades (sky blue, navy) into a category (blues). You’ll first see evidence of this when your toddler sorts toys by color.

Children first learn words by “mapping” a label (fire truck) onto an experience or representation of a word (siren, ladder), and storing both together in their memory. But color is abstract. Green on its own doesn’t give any information about function. Even an adult would be stumped by “Describe green.”

Therefore, the road to actually labeling colors with their correct names is long and winding for most.

Here listed some color guides for parents to teach your lovely babies at the first development.

Play game “name that color”. It is studied that 3-year-old baby can distinguish as much as 4 colors if the parents taught the right way. Parents might ask children to sort the clothes by color groups, or in pairs. In the kitchen snippet, before cooking, let the children have opportunity to name the veggies, fruits colors. You will see the gradual recognition of color.

Other art supplies such as crayons, markers, pens, paints, clay, chalk, stickers, fabric, paper, stamps can be a kind help to teach children about color recognition.

One of known guide to make choice of baby’s room color is Feng shui. Feng Shui is the 3000-year-old Chinese practice of interior decorating that allows for the open flow of energy in a home. If you want to determine the color of your newborn babys room according to Feng Shui. It dictates that the best color for children is white since this is the color associated with creativity. While children will benefit from a white room, if you prefer to have some color on those walls, than choose a soft, muted color. Using a soft color for your baby will help promote proper health and rest. Although bright colors can be attractive, they are considered in feng shui to be too stimulating for babies.

Child development is a long path that parents have to make all efforts to teach them gradually and by steps. Color teaching is a good method as some children might have a special interest in colors. Possibly, your children might become an artist or designers, might not them?

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