Can women get safe pregnancy after breast cancer, study

In fear of breast cancer may return after being treated, many women are wondering whether having a baby or not. As a matter of fact, the issue of a safe pregnacy is quite neccesary for patients with breast cancer to complete the motherhood.

In respond to this true wish, today,  for the first time, a new study shows that pregnancy can be safe even after breast cancer treatment. That is at the eight European Breast Cancer Conference that takes places in Vienna, Austria a team of scientists conducted their research and the findings point out that becoming pregnant after being diagnosed with breast cancer does not put the women at danger of having the cancer reappearing.

Dr. Hatem Azim Jr. with the Jules Bordet Institute in Brussels explained that their study showed that women that had breast cancer and became pregnant seem to be enjoying a much longer life, as opposed to breast cancer patients that haven’t. “We found that breast-cancer patients who became pregnant also had a lower risk of death compared to their matched controls, irrespective of status” added the researcher.

The researcher also pointed one other finding of the study: “We found that patients who become pregnant within two years of breast-cancer diagnosis appeared to have a better disease-free survival compared to those who did not become pregnant” .

But researchers point out that the study is just the beginning so “this finding should be interpreted with caution as it could be confounded by potential selection bias, and hence pregnancy within two years of diagnosis should be regarded as safe, and not as protective”.

The study enrolled 333 women of an average age of 34 with positive or negative estrogen receptor status. These women became pregnant at any time after the breast cancer diagnosis.

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