Can Qnexa’s Return Promise A Miracle Anti-Obesity Drug?

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the anti-obesity drug Qnexa for weight loss. An FDA advisory committee’s endorsement of the anti-obesity drug Qnexa Wednesday could re-energized the pharmaceutical industry after several years of disappointment in trying to develop anti-obesity drugs. The decision will be issued by April 17. 

Back to the past years, Qnexa would be able to be the first new prescription weight-loss medication if it was not taken off the market in 2010 following studies that found an increased risk of serious heart problems.

However, as a fact in the U.S. with more than 75 million obese adults, the nation’s obesity rate is nearing 35 percent, the drug’s return can be a effective and safe diet pill easily welcome in the U.S. .

While waiting for FDA administrators go for a final decision, drug user hasn’t stopped themselves from trying Qnexa an anti-obesity treatment. One example is Tammy Wade of McCalla, Ala., is confident that the diet pill works. She lost nearly 40 pounds, dropping down to 167 while in a two-year Qnexa study.

“I never lost that much weight on any of the programs I’ve tried,” said Wade, who’s done everything from Weight Watchers to work out with a personal trainer.


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