Apples as an effective weight loss food

When it comes to weight loss, diet plays as one of the most important part in this regime. You always have to consider about food choice. Apples, known as a cleansing food, contain fibre, antioxidants and fruit flavonoids. Do you know that, An apple a day keeps the doctor away… as long as you eat the peel.

Weight loss food

Regardless of the type, apples are a perfect addition to your weight-loss plan for a number of reasons. Apples are low in calories and fat, low in sodium, and contain vitamins and minerals as well as fiber. These can all help you to lose weight in different ways. The fiber helps you feel full longer because it expands in your stomach so it takes less food to satisfy your hunger. Apples are a low-sodium food that can be a good addition to a healthy diet. Keeping your sodium low will help prevent excess water weight, or retention. And, the vitamins benefit you by increasing health and vitality. Of course, being active helps burn extra calories to speed up weight loss.

It turns out the simple apple is a jewel when it comes to healthy eating. There are even enzymes found in apples that might help your body digest food more efficiently. Learn more about this valuable fruit and how to get the most from it.

Heart diseases guardian

Apples are a good source of vitamin C, an antioxidant, and research has shown that antioxidants help prevent heart disease and the formation of some cancers. They have heart-healthy effects, too — apples are loaded with pectin, which may help keep blood cholesterol levels in check. When it dissolves in water, soluble fiber creates a gummy, gel-like substance that binds bile acids and draws cholesterol out of the bloodstream. Soluble fiber’s stickiness also slows the absorption of carbohydrates, keeping blood sugar levels on an even keel. And apples may contribute to a healthy smile and fresh breath by stimulating your gums and promoting saliva production.


Apples can be eaten freely, but more than two or three a day does not increase the health benefits. Large quantities of apple juice can encourage tooth decay and diarrhoea.

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