3 Must Have Yoga Accessories For Beginners

If you are expecting to join a Yoga class, immediately think about 3 must have accessories scudding the yoga mat, the yoga strap and yoga blocks.

Yoga Mats

First Yoga Accessories that you must have is a yoga mat. It is a cushioned non-skid mat that can be used for standing, sitting and kneeling yoga poses. A well-made yoga mat will add comfort to your yoga workouts.

There are so many choice for you with a yoga mat from classic type to foam mats. Currently, many mats with great selection of colors and best prices are available in the market and you can make up your mind as equip yourself with a favorite mat. Classic style mats are thick enough to be brought everywhere. You likely buy a bag to carry it around.

An example of standard classic mats require:

  • Standard 1/8” thickness
  • Phthalate free inks and dyes
  • Extremely durable, latex and heavy metal free
  • Size: 68” x 24” x 1/8”


Yoga Straps


Yoga strap is also an essential accessory help user practice yoga easier, especially for beginners. Yoga strap is soft and flexible when use because of its material of 100% cotton or nylon. Like yoga mats, yoga straps varies in color which make your choice easier.

Choosing a proper yoga straps depends on learner’s tall. Yoga strap has a length of 6 feet – 10 feet, and has a buckle made of metal or plastic. The use of plastic for provide easy released and safely held, while with metal buckles, position and placement of yoga strap can be easily adjusted. For tall people, it is recommended to use a yoga strap with longer size. However, yoga strap with  6 feet in length is more selected.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are made of bamboo, cork or even wood. The blocks come with soft beveled edges added comfort for yoga practice. Blocks can be used flat or turned up on their end to help with kneeling poses, hand over poses or poses where you need to place your forehead on the floor.


Practice yoga is becoming more and more popular sport for every one at every age because of its physical and emotional benefits. However, yoga requires great energy, strength body and flexibility. The key success is your patience to practice yoga. If you feel having enough passion, then you should be prepare 3 must have accessories above.


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