Soul-touched Makeup Secrets Of Kim Kardashian

Without makeup, you would not recognize most celebrities walking down the road. When it comes to ‘always on camera’ personalities like Kim Kardashian, makeup takes a hugely important role. 

Kim Kardashion’s makeup has a certain standard look that can be best described as dark eyes and pale lips. Most of the time, she goes for a smokey eyes makeup and flesh tones for her lips. She is amazing and so gorgeous! Reaching this is due to her first stop in skin-care regimen or makeup secret! Do you want somewhat to look like her.

Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Secrets:

1. Follow The Basics: The base of your makeup does not change even if you are copying celebrity makeup styles. You still have to wash your face, apply ice for long lasting makeup and then moisturize to make your skin supple enough for the makeup to get set. There is no alternative to these basic steps and every girl does it, so must Kim Kardashian.

2. Conceal! This is the trick that can be called the reson de atre (reason to exist) for celebrity makeup styles. They need to conceal all the flaws on their skin because the camera sees everything and for that they use lots of concealer. Usually there is a conceal for the whole face and a special one that is applied under the eyes to conceal dark circles which Kardashian definitely uses to to get such bright eyes inspite of a hectic lifestyle.

3. Just Tanning: Just the concealer would have made Kim Kardashian look flat as a squeezed balloon but she has a healthy tanned glow to her skin. That comes from tanning dust she uses to add some colour to her face. It is just like gold dust just milder.

4. Blush It Cream: Kim Kardashian does use a blusher and huge amounts of it but she never uses bright reds or pinks. It is a standard pale cream blush that she uses to highlight her cheekbones that gives a lovely pearl glow finish to her face.

5. Diva Has Smokey Eyes: Kim Kardashian’s makeup style has always been smokey mysterious eyes. This she does in a range of gray, slate and brown hues. She alternates these shades smudged with petroleum jelly.

6. Black Is The Colour For Eyes: You will rarely see Kardashian in a eyes drawn with any other eyepencil but black. Dark kohl for dark eyes is a makeup trend set by her.

7. Flesh Tones As Lip Colour Shades: Her lips are bare and shinny because she uses lip colourshades that are nude and neutral. A dab of gloss on it and you have various shades of shinny pale tinted lips.

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