How to involve kids into chores?

For kids, home chores is seen with no exciting. However, there are many reasons to motive kids to do chores. For example, kids will acknowledge their sense of value and capacity which contribute to create the confidence and a sense of responsibility in society years later.

Here may be some suggestions for you to make boring chores more interesting in kids eyes.

1. Be a good example for your kids. Children always observe your actions to find out how to behave with all the work around. So as an example, you take advantage of their acts to guide them. Wake up your kids at the same time with you and show them your hard working with highly interest. Why do not you start by re-layout the bedroom?

2. Assign different tasks. Changing tasks from week to week for children not to do the same old work that they do not like. Give them the opportunity to do different chores to avoid feeling bored. Moreover, children will learn many different life skills when assigned to a different lot.

3. Make it play time. Turn “kitchen time” into a dance party. Appoint one child to be a chef and another to be a DJ. The chef chooses what she would like to help make for dinner, such as a simple salad or mashed potatoes. The DJ chooses what appropriate dance tunes he’d like to include on a playlist. Everyone can then dance around the kitchen while preparing dinner or while emptying the dishwasher later. Other ways to promote play: Do the laundry while pretending to be robots or characters from a favorite movie, or have a room-to-room singing contest where each child takes turns singing one song (loudly!) from the room he is cleaning up.

4. Let your kids make decisions. Ask them and give them opportunity to make the decision themselves, and explain the benefits of working from home for the whole family. Make a to do list. The responsibility should be shared equally and fairly.Make sure your child can do what you ask. Beside, parents work together next to kids will be great examples for children to follow.

5. Always thank for their help. Give thanks to your kids whenever the chores well done. They will find happier and more interesting to join with parents for next times. You do not need to say thank you directly to the kids. Instead, stick a notepad on the fridge wrote down the task and after they have done jobs well, a reward would  be given for the kids. Suggestions are: eating out dinner, sightseeing to the zoo, etc…

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