How to choose lipstick color just for you?

How can you choose the best lipstick color that work well for your skin tone, hair color and every occasion? If you do not attach a vital importance to select lipstick color, you would be paid price for your mistake. In contrast, when you take a right color of lipstick, you can get a maximum beauty for minimum effort.

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Consider your upcoming contexts

When choosing a color, take into account your lifestyle and what situations you would wear this particular lipstick. For example, go for a prom at night, if you’re doing your eyes dramatic, use a lighter color on your lips. Try a natural lip liner color and blend into lips with finger or lipbrush. Then apply a high-shine gloss for lots of shimmer! Not doing much with makeup for prom? Try a plum colored lip liner and blend with finger or lipbrush. Then, apply a close colored lip stick and blot. Apply a high-shine gloss to center of bottom lip. Meanwhile, darker lipstick colors do not belong in the office but a ligter tone with naturally makeup or nude colors.

Match your skin tone

You should also consider your skin tone when purchasing a lipstick. Women of color can better carry off dark, bright or dramatic shades that may look garish on women with fairer skin. Women who have yellow undertones to their skin should stick to shades that are correspondingly warm toned because they will look flattering. Plums, wines and deep reds flatter a dark skin tone, while light-brown beiges with pink or orange undertones complement a lighter skin tone. Olive skin looks good with brownish reds, light browns and raisin shades of lipstick.

Match your hair color

There are somewhat complexion while deciding on a lipstick color. The choice of your lip colour depends on several factors, also including the colors of your hair. In general, feel free to apply your favorite lipstick color but ensure that can not be too independent to your skin tone and your hair color. According to beauty experts, pink lipstick suits blonde women and bright orange color should not be used for your lips with a redhead. And the easiest choice is a brown or gold lipstick that matches any hair color.

Effect on your lip size

Also remember to take the size of your lips into account. If your lips tend to be less full than average, you should consider lighter shades rather than darker ones because dark colors tend to make lips look smaller. Conversely, light colors, especially if they are on the glossy side, tend to make lips appear fuller.

The colour you put on your lips changes your appearance instantly. You can change your looks from simple to gorgeous just by adding a dash of lip color. Among many techniques for lipstick color choice, must-remember factors are: your skin tone, your hair color, your clothes, and your life style.

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