Small Stalk But Big Health Benefits

You will be told about the miracle health benefits of leeks.

Belong to the Allium family of vegetables with the other cousins including garlic, onions, and shallots, leeks play an important role in providing defense against a number of ailments and diseases. Not only do leeks have a sweeter, milder flavor than onions and garlic, they also have all the health benefits of their more pungent counterparts. Some of the major health benefits of consuming leeks are given below.

  • Lowering the risk of hypertension: Kaempferol present in leeks helps in protecting blood vessel linings from damage by oxygen molecules or free radicals, thereby leeks are known as one of the hypertension natural remedies.
  • Preventing cardiovascular diseases: The high concentration of folate in leeks has cardiovascular benefits for the human body. The folate lessens the levels of homocysteine in the human body; thus, protecting your heart and blood vessels, and keep those who consume more leeks from cardiovascular diseases, such as coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis.
  • Fighting against chronic diseases and aging: The antioxidant polyphenols present in leeks helps in treating major cause of many chronic diseases and aging, that is free  radicals.
  • The high levels of kaempferol in leeks assist the body to combat oxidative stress and chronic low-level inflammation, which can lead to diabetes, obesity and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Being an important source of vitamin A, leeks maintain the integrity and health of the mucosal linings of the nose, throat, urinary tract, and digestive tract, thereby keeping them away from infections.
  • Due to its diuretic properties, leeks help in reducing fluid retention or edema, a condition characterized by swelling or accumulation of excess fluids in the interstitial spaces between cells or in the circulatory system. Besides, swelling also occurs during pregnancy, allergies, kidney or liver disease and exposure to heat.
  • One of the best sources of dietary fiber, leek energizes the body’s functions, including digestion and metabolism. As a result, people tend to eat slowly and properly digest the food since they are a bit hard to chew, thereby avoiding overeating.
  • Rich in the B9 vitamin known as folate or folic acid, leeks generate new cells and keep the blood healthy. Folate is especially important for women who want to become or are pregnant, as it prevents birth defects before and during pregnancy, particularly spina bifida and encephalitis.
  • Regular consumption of leeks provides sufficient amounts of calcium, which is essential for the overall health of the body. Calcium strengthens teeth and bones, functions muscles and nerves, assists in proper blood clotting and prevents its deficiency.
  • Leeks contain the water-soluble vitamin, vitamin C, which is vital for repairing body tissues, blocking some of the damage caused by free radicals, and forming collagen, a protein that produces skin, tendons, scar tissues, blood vessels and ligaments.
  • A great source of potassium, leeks helps in balancing the body’s pH and water levels, thereby contributing to healthy muscle growth, brain function and nervous system stability.
  • With antiseptic properties, leeks help the body fight against infection, lower LDL cholesterol, and increase HDL cholesterol blood levels.
  • Leeks are also known for lowering the risk of prostate, colon and ovarian cancer due to its diuretic and anti-arthritic properties.
  • Leeks are especially essential for pregnant women as they contain considerable amount of folate (a type of vitamin). Due to this, a number of birth defects are prevented, particularly the ones that are related with the spine and brain of the baby like spina bifida and encephalitis.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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