Eye Makeup Tips For Glasses Girls

Girls who have to wear glasses sometimes disappoint of their troublesome pair of specs. What a dilemma situation when tonight that girl is going to join in a prom party, keep glasses and no makeup techniques can be used or throw the ugly glasses with unclear sight. The second solution, even you can be more beautiful and shining at that night however, there is a better way you should read this article here.

1. Concealing: this is must do for all girls, especially if you’re wearing glasses. The next tip is to keep your eye makeup simple as wearing glasses draws plenty of attention to your eyes. Stick to neutral shades on the eyes but remember to blend a darker color into your crease for added definition. 

2. Applying mascara: Always use black mascara, and apply 2-3 coats of mascara to really make eyes stand out. With this technique, even your eye are hidden behind a thick glasses, it still very impressive.

3. Lining: the thickness of eye lines depends on how thick your frame is. If your frames are thicker, you’ll want to apply a thicker line to the upper lash line so that eyes stand out, while your frames are thinner, a softer liner works, said the makeup artist. To create a smoky eye for glasses, double line your eye.

4. Brows: Brows make a huge difference when you wear glasses— the frames draw attention to them. Try to makeup with proper brow shades and color with your hair color.

5. Notices: use a liner that is darker than your natural eye color and sure to line your eyes all the way around, because simply it creates a perfect contrast that defines the eyes. In case of applying mascara, only one coat of mascara along with a delicate and thin eye liner to open up the eyes.

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