Can a Healthy Diet Prevent Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common problem that happens both in women and men. Hair will show off the life status of each people. When we are stressed, tired or ill, hair will become weaker, break easily and event lose away. Nutritions may have help to recover the strong hairs for you. A perfect diet can help you prevent hair loss. Below are some kinds of foods that can help you to provide enough nutrients to have healthy hair and prevent hair loss as well.

Red Meat

Lean red meat is likely the most beneficial food in the prevention of hair loss. It is the most conveniently absorbed source of iron, which play a role in creating haemoglobin to carry oxygen to the body’s parts and tissues and contains sulphur to keep the hair follicles in good health. Iron allows other nutrients to be more easily absorbed by the hair follicles by allowing your scalp to get a good flow of blood, and sulphur promotes hair growth by improving circulation in the blood to the scalp and reduces inflammation, helping prevent hair loss. Minoxidil is a  proven treatment for hair loss that works in a similar way. The topical vasodilator generates new hair growth by raising blood circulation to the scalp and opening up potassium channels. Red meat, especially liver, also consists of vitamin A which decreases oil in the scalp and vitamin B3 which enhances circulation in the scalp.


For a head full of healthy hair, the egg is likely one of your best friends. It contains losts of essential nutrients such as proteins, Vitamin B12, iron, zinc and Omega 6 fatty acids in huge amounts. Lack of these vitamins and minerals can lead to poor quality of hair. Additionally, it’s also a great source for biotin (Vitamin B7) which is a great aid to deal with hair loss.


Not only do oats offer sustained energy levels, they also help to maintain the natural hair colour by aiding in the creation of melatin and can help prevent hair loss.

Oats consist of vital minerals for hair growth such as potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, not to mention iron. It appears to be that oats are an all round super food for hair.

Dried fruit and nuts

For the person who like sweet taste, dried fruit and nuts are the healthy alternative and more helpful for you than you possibly realize. Loaded with iron, sulphur and biotin, dried fruit and nuts (and almonds in particular) are a rich source of vitamin E which boosts blood circulation on the scalp and inositol which maintains healthy hair roots.

Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts have an necessary nutrient for hair health referred to as silica and a must on your shopping list for foods that prevent hair loss. The body utilizes silica to help it absorb vitamins and minerals so even if you’re eating lots of vitamins but not eating silica, they may not be helping much. Hair grows from follicles within the skin at the base of the hair root and need nutrients to form new cells and generate healthy hair growth. Silica can also be found in the skin of cucumbers, red and green peppers, and potatoes.


Seafood is necessary for hair growth and maintenance. Fish includes sulphur and provides essential fatty acids essential for the maintenance of healthy hair and skin zinc-rich foods such as mussels, shrimp and oysters can help prevent hair loss by strengthening the hair follicles. Zinc plays a key role in many of the body’s functions, including hair growth, assisting to build cells, keep hormones in check and assist with the absorption of various other vitamins.

Hairloss is a complex condition and nutrition can, to a certain degree, influence hair growth and the quality the hair. However, it’s necessary to keep in mind that sometimes other elements can influence hair loss. If your hair is suffering despite following a healthy diet, there is more that can be done and it may be beneficial in talking about your concerns with a hair loss specialist.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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