12 Simple Yoga Poses for Beginner

People often do yoga every day to keep healthy. Despite its good sides, many people still don’t want to learn it because they think that it is very hard to do it. But it is very simple, you just need a little patient, following these steps to start getting used to yoga.

 Step 1: Sun Salutation

Stand with both feet touching the floor. Put both hands together, palm to palm, before the heart. Keep your body balance. Ensure your weight is evenly distributed. Breathe out.




Step 2: Sun Salutation

Put your arms upward. Then fold backward slowly, stretching arms over the head. Keep your neck relax. Breathe in.




Step 3: Bend Forward

Exhale and slowly bend forward until both of your hands are in line with your feet, keep your head as close to your knees as possible, even keep both head and knees touching together, if possible. Hit your palms down, fingers in line with toes (curve your knees if you need to), and contact the floor.



Step 4: Lunge

Make a wide lunge by step your right leg back behind your body. As you take a breath, put your hands and feet on the ground, keep your left foot between your hands, and put up your head.




Step 5: Plank

Take your right foot together with your left foot.





Step 6: Push Up

While you put down your body, keep breathe out, relaxing on your forearms.





Step 7: Upward Facing Dog

As you breathe in, lower your hips to the ground, put your head up, and move backward as far as possible, while keeping your arms straight.




Step 8: Downward Dog

Placing your hand on the ground and keep your arms straight, lift your hips and line up your head with your arms. Breathe out.




Step 9: Lunge

Slowly inhale and move your right leg to takea vast forward step. Puting your hands on the ground firmly, keep your right foot between your hands and lift your head up.




Step 10: Bend Forward

Putting both your hands in place, get both feet together. Keep your legs straight but your waist bent and upper body reduced. Make your head and your knees touching together, if possible. Breathe out.




Step 11: Sun salutation

Slowly lift and keep your back straight into a standing pose. Move backward, extending your arms above your head as you take a breath.




Step 12: Mountain Pose

Return to posision in step number 1. Exhale





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