10 Dieting Mistakes You May Not Know

Many women have tried their best to lose weight. They follow many different diet recipe as well as methods to reach their goal, however, sometimes their efforts become worthless. You may be surprised. Here is the top 10 countdown of diet disasters.

10. Overeating outside of home. Eating out creates a special problem when calorie counting because restaurant meals are overgenerous; your best bet is to ask for a to-go box and put half your order away before you start eating.

9. Not looking at labels. The most important number you need to pay attention to is the offering size. It’s easy to eat too much if you don’t know how many servings are in a bottle or box and you consume the whole package, thinking it’s just one serving.

8. Eating too fast. If you eat rapidly, your brain won’t get the information that you are full in time, says Kathy Hubbert, MS, RD, of EatRight Weight Management Services at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. “Put the fork down between each bite,” she recommends.

7. Denying yourself your favorite foods. Be it chocolate or bacon, totally banning a favorite “unhealthy” food from your diet sets you up for temptation. Instead, apply your calorie-counting skills to build in a modest indulgence now and again.

6. Guilt over mistakes. If you are out with friends and get chatted into dessert, don’t beat yourself up. “Guilt can set in and, for some people, that gets them moving in a backwards direction,” says Hubbert. Even if you did enjoy your indulgence, put it in perspective – it’s just one mistake compared to all your good diet choices yesterday, today, and the ones you’ll make tomorrow.

5. Putting too much “weight” on the scale. Hanging all your feelings of success on the numbers on the scale can be a diet disaster. You should weigh yourself only once a week, says Gail Curtis, assistant professor at the Wake Forest University Health Sciences department of physician assistant studies in Winston-Salem, N.C. Curtis recommends tracking other short-term health goals, such as eating more veggies, walking daily, or drinking water instead of soda, that will give you a meaning of accomplishment.

4. Not exercising enough. Even if you could achieve your diet goals by calorie counting alone, you may be more successful (and healthier) if you were physically active. National recommendations are at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every days of the week. You can also break this up into three 10-minute segments per day..

3. Emotional eating. Eating in response to sadness, boredom, or stress damages your calorie counting for at least one day. When you become aware of your urge to eat in response to emotions instead of hunger pains, find something else to do that will distract you for 10 or 15 minutes, such as taking a walk.

2. Thinking of your diet as a diet. There is diet fatigue if you go on a diet. Most people can stay on a diet about three months and then they are done with it because they can’t stand it. Instead, focus on making healthy lifestyle and diet choices that you can live with for a long time. Try to think it as a usual lifestyle that is good for health.

And the biggest mistake of all:

1. Letting one mistake start you on a downward spiral. Some people make one mistake and it starts a whole cycle. The best way to overcome this problem is admiting it, forgiving yourself, and geting back on track right away.

So now you are aware of the top 10 diet mistakes, you should be able to avoid them to have an effective weight loss process

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